RACE Containers

Introduced in 1975, 500 examples of each container were produced for the NSWPTC by Freighter.
They were used all over NSW and Interstate from 1975 until the demise of the NSW Railways Trackfast small parcels operations in the mid 1990's.

Initially painted PTC Teal by the mid 1980's some were repainted into the SRA Trackfast livery, and later in the early 1990's some GC Containers were painted in the Superpak colour scheme. Many GC & VC Containers survived in their original RACE colour scheme until the end of their service life.

In the early 1990's, COD Transport purchased some VC Containers and repainted them Lime Green for the transport of Bananas from the NSW Mid North Coast to the markets in Sydney & Melbourne.

Even today examples of these containers can be found throughout NSW in many rail yards and depots as storage sheds.